1. Karyn Zoldan

    Okay, let me guess:
    1. boredom
    2. depression
    3. hunger
    4. curiosity
    5. social

    Now I’ll go read the article. Those are 5 reasons why — I — eat although not exactly in that order.

  2. Betty Crocked

    some things that make me eat are:

    When I’m socializing with some wine or beer I always want some bar munchies.

    When I go into a good coffee house, a scone usually calls my name.

    When I can smell my neighbor’s bbq, I usually have to find something to eat.

    When I go into the bakery to get some bread, usually some pastry will call my name – B.E.T.T.Y

    When my husband gets frisky, I feel like eating.

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