Wines: Ode to California Organic Wines

Top rated wines under $20California leads the way to all things organic, including organic wine. Drive up (or down) the northern coast where layers of fog roll in and out like a comforting blanket that soothes your soul as you wind through the tall canopy of trees hovering on Mendocino’s Highway 1.

In the Russian River bench lands of Mendocino reigns a bit of paradise – at Bonterra Ranch.

Bonterra’s commitment to organic viticulture is based on the principles of organic farming of building organic matter in the soil, welcoming natural predators to take care of vineyard pests instead of toxic pesticides, controlling weeds through human labor, encouraging natural air flow around the grapes, and most of all – to constantly and consistently expand organic wine techniques. 

What do you want to drink today?
If it’s organic wine, let’s think outside the traditional chardonnay and merlot bottle and consider a viognier.

Invite a few friends over to discuss a good book or movie, then surprise them with powerful aromas of fresh cut nectarines and white peaches (even in the dead of winter), laced with floral notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle. Then taste the complex fruit flavors of apricot and peach, overlaid with notes of oak vanilla. Viognier is crisp, yet creamy, a grand alternative to everyday whites. Serve with mild soft cheeses, a chicken salad, and baguette…simple yet fantastic. You’ll be thinking you’ve made it in time for the modern day California gold rush.

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