Zone Diet – Let’s Get Zoned

Are you ready to ditch bad carbs for moderate amounts of protein, good carbohydrates, and essential fats? The Zone Diet is not some magical place yet it’s the place you want to be.

You’re in the desirable Zone when your body enters into a state of hormonal balance by keeping your insulin level at just the right spot which can be achieved by eating the right diet. The Zone diet is a lifelong hormonal control strategy conceived by Dr. Barry Sears who spent 30 years studying lipids and how they relate to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The Zone Diet works because it’s based on moderation – moderation in low fat protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories for life. The Zone Diet is not a fad diet approach.
For many years, the Zone Diet has been very popular in Hollywood. Caterers and personal chefs who cook for the celebrity crowd like the Zone Diet because it’s about eating real food. What could be better than eating fruits and vegetables, protein, and a dab of good fat now and then? The Zone diet is suitable for both vegetarians and carnivores alike.

The glycemic index is the cornerstone of the Zone Diet. The glycemic index is the rate that any carbohydrate enters the bloodstream as simple sugar glucose. The lower the GI or glycemic index, the better balance of insulin your body uses for fuel.

The Zone Diet recommends eating three small meals and three snacks a day. Does that sound like a diet? The whole goal is not to get hungry and to keep your insulin balanced. You know the Zone Diet is working when your mental focus is heightened and you’re not starving. Hunger detracts from mental focus.

And if you think you cannot eat pizza or an ice cream sundae, think again. The Zone encourages you to go hog wild one day a month because no one is perfect and it’s okay to give into cravings now and then. Most likely you will not feel great after a day of binging and will be happy to get back on the Zone Diet band wagon the next day.


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