So You Say You Want To Learn All About Wine?

photo by Turner Publishing

“Uncorked The Novice’s Guide to Wine” by Paul Kreider is exactly that.

Kreider, a winemaker and wine consultant, has taken just about everything anyone would want to know about wine and explains the information in a clear, concise and best of all interesting manner.

Although the book has the novice in mind those of us who have a little bit of wine knowledge will also benefit. It is amazing how much information he fits into this medium sized book. I plan on reading more than once because there is so much information to absorb.

Kreider covers the chemistry in simple enough terms so that even I can understand them. Some of the other topics he covers include color, oak, sulfites, glasses, aging, purchasing, ordering, how to behave in a tasting room, even how to properly spit wine. There’s a chapter on wine snobs. Another chapter talks about what to do with leftover wine (usually not a problem at my house.)  Best of all he encourages the celebration of wine, of which I most heartily agree.

The book is published by Turner Publishing Company, a small, but up-and-coming niche publisher. “Uncorked” sells for $14.95 retail.

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