Valentines Day Aphrodisiac: Shucking Oysters

Oysters on the Half Shell

Originally uploaded by NYC Comets.

What is it about the oyster that exalts it to aphrodisiac status?

Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones or perhaps it’s due to the soft, moist texture and appearance of the oyster. Or if you believe it makes you sexy; it will make you sexy, also known as the power of suggestion.

Taylor Shellfish Farms of Shelton Wash. offers two and four dozen Valentines Day oyster packages featuring five species of just-harvested oysters (Olympia, Kumamoto, Pacific, Virginica, and European Flat) which come with a certificate guaranteeing success in love direct from Cupid. The amorous inducement includes a shucking knife, shucking instructions, an oyster guide, and Jon Rowley’s The Art of Eating an Oyster all for $29 for the two dozen package and $48 for the four dozen package plus shipping. Order the packages by Feb 12 at noon for Valentines Day delivery.

Ah shucks, oyster lovers have never had it so good.

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