Panera Bread and Bakery

Day 5 - Lunch at Panera Bread
Image by ohdearbarb via Flickr

I went to Panera last weekend with my boyfriend for a nice lunch.   Every time I go back, I always remember why I love it so much. Not only do they have wonderful food, but it a quick, there are lots of selections and it is one of the healthier choices.

According to, Panera is the healthiest fast food. They have lots of choices for everyone’s lifestyle needs. I love that you can get the Pick 2 so you get taste treats from two menu items. I also like that they list the healthier soups on their menu so you can make smart choices while ordering. If you do not like a topping, you can customize your order, and even change the bread to your liking. Panera is also a healthier choice because they have half salads and sandwiches for portion control. You can get two items without having the burden of a large bill or too much food.

I really enjoy Panera and for the $6 Pick Two combo, it is not a hefty price.

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